Mischievous Maybelline

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s no secret, we’ve had a significant uptick in dog-related issues here at Carrigan’s Acres lately. It’s a never ending battle, it seems, and today was no different. Fortunately, this at least has a glimmer of comedic relief.

I got home today, Ben & Dugan greeted me at the door. I could hear Luke barking from his kennel, and Mable was being quiet. Not totally unusual, as he drowns her out anyway. I had a few things to do, so I left them alone and cleaned up a few things. The kids had, yet again, left half the lights on in the house. Apparently a $400 power bill means nothing, even when I ask them if they own stock in the electric company, or try to explain exactly how many hours of work that is. It’s official. I am my parents. Kallie had left the mop water out from the night before, so I had to internally pray that the dogs didn’t drink out of it because, oh yeah, Connor never filled their water bowl before school. The kids were each given 3 chores to do this morning before school, and had 3 hours fro the time they got up until the school bus got there. How may things you think they got done? One each. ONE, friends. Agh!!!!  It’s pouring rain, so as soon as I let Ben & Dugan in, there’s mud prints all over the kitchen floor again. Quickly mop them up, then decide today is the day I change our routine. Today, we start going in & out of the laundry room, because if I have to mop that floor one more time today, I might cry. Good timing, considering the other two knuckleheads needed to be let out. I go in the laundry room… disaster. The hoses we use to change the water in the fish tank were pulled into the kennel and totally chewed up, kennel door is bent, and there’s no Mabel. 20170215_153251She’s not in the kennel, not in the room, the door was closed, so I check the exterior door real quick, that was closed tight. Where’s that damn dog?! Suddenly, I see movement….. somehow, that goofball climbed on top of her kennel, opened the escape hatch to Connor’s loft bed (he’s in the basement, so the hatch is a secondary escape route in case of a fire), and spent the day in his room. That hooker!! You see this face? She’s like, “What, mom? I’m right here!” 20170215_153307Hounds…. I’m telling you, they aren’t for the faint of heart. They are stubborn, obnoxious, and pig headed. No idea why I felt that would fit well with our family… Anyway, I bust into Connor’s room, thinking I’m going to find another disaster, and there’s nothing. Looks like she spent the day resting comfortably on her bed. Honestly, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with that dog. She’s going to make my hair turn gray faster than the kids!

Tomorrow, I’m torn between taking her to work with me, or using a hundred zip ties on her kennel. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. Oh, and Luke? Stayed in his kennel all day, AND didn’t chew up the blanket I left in there for him. For the first time in his life, he’s the good one of the two! *sigh* Another day, another adventure…..

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