I’ve signed my life over to Little League…..

And it’s only day 1. Here’s my afternoon:

1535: pick Panda up from school.

1600: arrive at softball practice .  

1630: drive home, make dinner for everyone. Feed the animals.

1715: Drive back to pick Panda up, get a call halfway there reminding me about the parent meeting I was supposed to attend at 1645. Whoops. 

1730: pick her from the field, give her dinner, bring  hubs his dinner, stop at ridiculously overpriced market in our small town for a gallon of milk, then drive to the high school for batting practice. 

1800: arrive at batting practice, observe until she looks comfortable.

1820: arrive home to drop off milk and check on the boys. Find Connor didn’t put the lid back on the pot & the dogs ate it. Guess who’s not eating dinner?

1840: head back to batting practice 

1855:watch last few minutes of practice.

1915: arrive home for the night. Check homework, wash a sink full of dishes, laundry….

Someone, please wine me. Also, please link me your favorite crock pot stuff. I need to get a system into place, STAT! Between the 3 kids, we have practices 4 nights a week, plus game/practice Saturdays!

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