Choose what makes you happy.

I realized today that I am the happiest I’ve been since we moved north. I mean, sure, who wouldn’t be happy with beef raising going on in your pasture, chickens popping out your breakfast in the backyard, and a snuggly 12 year old chocolate lab keeping your feet warm, right? This is all true, but still… I spent a lot of time debating on if we made a good decision when we left Arizona. Hell, I wondered for over 2 years! When we moved to the farm, I got more comfortable. Today I realized… we are home. This is it. This is our HOME. My babies will grow up to good people here, sneak in the back door just past curfew and hope we won’t wake up here, Panda will come down the stairs behind me in her prom dress, my boys will fix their vehicle in the barn driveway, my husband will get up every weekend after I bring him breakfast & coffee, and he will proceed downstairs, pull on his boots, & get to work. This is our life. It’s not perfect. Hell, it’s not even close. My muck boots are covered in cow shit & mud. Got some on my jeans Thursday… wore them to Winco anyway. I didn’t need to impress anyone, I didn’t stink…. I’m calling no extra laundry a win, friends. It’s not glamorous. I decided it was raining too hard for the horse to be out on Monday… went out in shorts, t shirt, and muck boots to bring him in. I must have looked like the epitome of “What not to wear: farmer edition”, but hey…. the horse came in, the flood waters came down, and I didn’t loose a pair of shoes in the mud. WIN. Life is a lot like that these days. Not a losing battle? Guess what, that makes it a winning battle. You get to choose how you are seeing your life. For some, sinking ankle deep into cow shit & mud sounds like a solid check in the lose category. Me? I gave that cow a kiss on the head, he snuggled my face back, and I went inside with a happy heart. He’s going to be our beef source in about a year. I remind him (and me) daily, so we are all on the same page. This is our life. When I throw steaks on the grill summer 2018, it will be Chuck. He is growing up happy, healthy, and with friends instead of existing in a feedlot. That’s a lot more than you can say about most of the meat sold in grocery stores. Is it morbid? Probably, but have you met me?! *sigh* There’s always room for improvement here. I will forever be a work in progress, I will likely forever make mistakes, but at least I have found my happy place… even if it is in a barn. Right now I can hear the coyotes in the distance and know I really need to work on a better chicken coop, we have 20 trees worth of limbs on the ground, I have got to get the goat pen bedding turned over, Wally needs fresh pine bedding, the vegetables aren’t going to plant themselves, 2 kids have ball practice today, and oh yeah, hubs leaves for Kansas on Sunday for 2 weeks. I’ve got this! Right? Right. Who wants to come burn tree limbs with me?

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