Sunday Ramblings

You guys, I’ve been waiting ALL DAMN DAY for the rain to stop.

It hasn’t. *cue Sheryl Crow* I ain’t seen the sun shine in three damn days…… and I’ve got stuff to do!!!!! *sigh* Finally ventured out around noon to go grocery shopping. I was SO proud of myself, I made a healthy meal plan for the week that doesn’t include gluten-filled anything. Wanna know what I did with said list? Left it in the bedroom. Womp, womp. However, I knew myself SO WELL that I had taken a picture of it! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Managed to snag some healthy snacks for Panda to eat on her new, gluten free journey. So far, the fake oreos are edible, so I’m calling the trip a win. Came home, unloaded the groceries, but not in the rain. How, you might ask? Well sunshine, I cleaned up the garage for the millionth time and can yet again park in it! Score another win for adulting!

I’ve been spending a lot of time at our library, and finally went thru the rest of the homesteading/pioneering books I checked out. None of them spoke to me the way Little House Living did. Seriously, if this life is your jam, or you like to make stuff from scratch, check it out! We tried out a gluten free bread mix from the book tonight. It smells good, but it’s still cooling, so only time and Panda will tell.

Our spring chicks have been brooding in the garage for a while now, and I noticed yesterday they finally had their big kid feathers & could go outside. Freakin YAY. I waited & waited for the rain to calm down a tad. No go. Finally threw my rain coat on and went outside anyway…. and it started raining harder. Of COURSE it did. Cleaned out the little chicken coop, threw in fresh shavings, grabbed all the chicks and their supplies, moved them in, and voila! No more chicks in the garage. Coop Wanna know what happened when I was done? It stopped raining for 10 minutes. Middle finger to you, Washington. On the upside, I threw some shaving to the big chickens, and found some eggs! We have laying hens again!!! Good thing, because buying eggs when you have 7 perfectly healthy chickens in the back yard is sort of ridiculous. They are a little muddy, but nobody cares. Yes, that’s a knitted (crochet?) chicken in a mason jar next to my pretty egg dish. No, you can’t have it, my sister-in-law made it for me and I love it. Eggs

Had to change out the propane bottle on the grill. Remembered that it’s installed in reverse, so I managed to not cross thread the bottle. Not like I’ve ever done that before or anything…. *cough cough*. You know how some days you feel like a real adult, an actual 30-something year old, and sometimes you need your mom & dad to come take over because CLEARLY you shouldn’t have been left responsible for all this nonsense? Yesterday & today were good days. Tomorrow…. probably another story. Let’s be honest, me, have 3 productive, adulting days in a row? Ha!

That’s all for now. Spring garden is going in soon, and that’s when all the good stuff is going to happen around here. Someone do a sunshine dance for me, ok? I need like, a week of dryness. Then it can rain again. Garlic is coming in nicely, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Hopefully this is a sign that drier days are on their way! flowers


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