I’ve been slacking.

It’s been….. 6 months since my last blog. I wish I could tell you it’s because I’ve been busy gardening, crafting, etc but I’d be lying. Summer garden? Fail. Sew a bunch of stuff? Fail. I did spend a ton of time in the pool, so there’s that. Real productive, right? Remember how we had record snow & rain this winter? Yeah, that translated into the longest dry spell & hottest summer in like 20 years. It’s insanity. Everything with short roots is dead. I planted some stuff, but I didn’t weed the beds well enough, and I didn’t water it enough, so almost everything died. Some yellow squash and the blackberries survived. I’m convinced blackberries will survive nuclear fallout.

We did knock out a few projects. When I say we, I mostly mean Andrew and our friend G that has been helping out this summer. The old chicken coop came down, more stalls were built, a load of hay was delivered, bushes were pruned… all sorts of things! My parents visited for a week, and my dad & Andrew got a really nice patio cover up! Makes a huge difference in the guest suite. The problem with all that? Remember how I said it hasn’t rained in forever? This translates to a burn ban. This means all the tearing down, pruning, etc is allllll piled up next to the fire pit, waiting to be burned. It looks TERRIBLE. I’m embarrassed to have people over at this point. However, rains are supposed to return on Sunday, and I’m thinking if we get a few days of rain like the forecast says, we should be able to burn the following weekend. The fire pit will have to go from Friday to Monday, I’m sure.

Since this weekend isn’t for burning, I think I’m going to make use of the 5,000 apples & pears and start making cider, applesauce, and whatever the heck else I can figure out so they don’t all go to waste. I picked a bucket full today, and the beautiful cows next door supervised me, so they got a couple apples for their hard work. Went to a friends house to deliver said bucket, stopped at the grocery store and came home to a cow in my front yard, eating apples. No, not the neighbors cow. MINE. I forgot to shut the barn door, and apparently she’s still small enough to fit thru the opening from the stalls to the storage area. Whoops. Do you know what it’s like trying to convince a cow she’s had enough apples, and it’s time to go back to the pasture? No, you’re probably a normal human being without an escapee cow. She wasn’t having it. Got her halter on, picked up a few apples, had only one hand free and no pockets, so I shoved a couple extras in my bra (don’t judge me, it worked!), and fed her apple all the way back to the gate. I can only wonder about what my sweet old lady neighbor was thinking. “What’s that nutcase doing now? Why is she stuffing apples in her bra?!”

Came inside to unload groceries. Noticed the dog wouldn’t go out, and was licking the floor like crazy. Get closer….. look back at the counter….. damn dogs stole the stick of butter from the butter dish. Residue was in the grout. Sweet baby J. Oh well….at least it was only one stick, not a whole pound. It’s time to go clean out the fridge & throw all the leftovers to the chickens. They LOVE fridge clean out! Dinner is in the crock pot, so I have minimal adult functioning to do for the rest of the day. Winning! Here’s to hoping it’s not another six months before I write again.

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